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Place that base and start building your defenses!

Start in a randomly generated world and place your base. Each spawn point will make a pathway to your base, but you can still just block it and force them around mwhaha.

Build and Upgrade those towers and create a maze for the enemies. Don't make it easy for them! Use the terrain to your advantage and send the enemies on a detour!

How many waves can your base survive?


  • Left Mouse Left: Interact with Buttons, Place Towers, Change Environment
  • Right Mouse Button: (Click) Cancel Action (Drag) Move the Camera
  • Mouse Scroll: Zoom in/out
  • Q: Build Basic Towers
  • W: Build Fire Towers
  • E: Build Bomb Towers
  • R: Build Frost Towers
  • A: Upgrade Selected Tower
  • Quit: Gear Button (Top Right)

Randomly Generated World:

Take advantage of the terrain. Plan your maze using the randomly generated world. Where you place the base and how you build your maze around it is a key part of this Tower Defense game!

Build your Maze:

Place your towers to create a maze for the enemies. But beware: There must always be a path for the enemies, but don't worry, the game makes sure you don't block the way. Use your Resources to Upgrade the Towers to increase their Power!

Tower Effects:

Slow the enemies using a Frost Tower or deal massive damage with Splash damage using the Bomb Tower.

Alter the Terrain:

Just because the terrain is randomly generated doesn't mean you can't play god with it! But it will cost you! Remove Walls to create more room for towers or place/remove Water to create cheap detours for the enemies!


  • Build in: Unity 2019
  • Created by: Timo Obst
  • Time spent: ~35 Hours 
  • This is my submission for the SFASX competition.


Defend_That_Base.zip 21 MB
SupportingDoc_TimoObst.pdf 68 kB

Install instructions

Extract all files into a folder.

Run "Defend_That_Base.exe"

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